An integrated suite of data visualisation and management applications accessed through an SSO login

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Wialus’ tools are designed to make users more efficient and effective in their work by providing reliable information in a clear and timely manner. Headlined by wiVolo Map, these applications support customers' business, network and infrastructure operations.

Some of our applications

wiVolo Map

Displays geospatial information by overlaying datasets on an easy to navigate map

Data Viewer

Grid display of data with advanced filtering capability and change tracking


Highly configurable viewer for searching and displaying individual data records


An interactive map view of completed and planned activities


Simple, functional data formatting and manipulation tools


Cloud storage and access for files and objects, with automated processing

Data published visually as interactive map layers in wiVolo

o Network topology, configuration and performance data

o Real-time alarms / status with service impact

o Service availability / coverage and customer information

o Other business, geographical / regional and statutory data


• Reliable and timely data provides clarity and transparency across users and teams

• Third party access enables customers to make data to relevant external users

• Control who sees what with user profiles

• Display data from multiple sources in one application

• Streamline data management processes

• Automated and assisted data processing available



• Access information when and where it’s needed – desktop, mobile & tablet

• Reliable data enables high quality decision making and oversight

• BAU and emergency management use

Advanced web mapping

wiVolo Map includes an advanced coverage tile rendering engine, capable of producing complete network layers, with multiple levels of zoom, in a matter of seconds.

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How it works


We understand each customer will have unique needs. Our applications are configured to meet the specific requirements of individual customers. Our latest generation of cloud native instances are deployed within hours, with solutions typically up and running within days or weeks. Once deployed, these tools evolve alongside changing customer needs. There is also scope to develop custom built tools where this will serve best.


Data processing can be automated, increasing efficiency and reliability. Options include automated data dumps, real-time feeds and APIs, as well as a time efficient mechanism for manual upload where necessary. Data is processed according to business rules and stored securely in the cloud.


The Wialus applications are accessed through a web browser, with each user having an SSO login. We adopt a solution wide approach to licensing, with no seat licensing fees. Users can be administered by the customer or as part of the service provided by Wialus. Profiles allow full control over who has access to what information. Included in our SSO suite is a training application, with material to on-board users seamlessly.


Getting the right information to the right people

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