About Wialus

Highly functional, highly reliable, no frills software with excellent ongoing support.

Our Approach

Wialus seek to deliver reliable software that does what it says. We prioritise developing high-level functionality that's intuitive to use and moves the needle for our customers. The result is a set of smart, straight-forward tools that consistently enhance decision making and save time for users.

We believe in maintaining an ongoing partnership with customers so we can best serve their evolving needs. This includes providing user support and training, support in data integration and management, and continual adaptation of our applications alongside changing customer requirements.

Our Story

Wialus started in 1995, offering innovative OSS solutions to the mobile and fixed telecommunications sector.

Having developed a product that served that segment well, we soon found that our tools supported a much broader range of uses.

With our underlying architecture now extensively road-tested and highly configurable, we are in a position to deploy an advanced, customised solution in a cost-effective manner.

Today, Wialus delivers a fully customised suite of spatial visualisation and data management tools to organisations accross a number of different industries and sectors.

Not just software experts

Wialus' background in mobile and fixed networks continues to be advantageous to us in providing support to this sector.

Our team includes considerable experience working directly in telecommunications engineering, and we have a track record of delivering purpose-built tools in this space.

As a result, we are uniqely placed to provide domain specific support, with efficent integration of systems and rapid deployment.

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Wialus is proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated.