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Clear, accurate and reliable information - when and where it is needed.

Wialus offer a suite of spatial visualisation and data management tools that have been providing clarity to users for 20+ years.

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Wialus Solutions make applications designed to increase efficiency in organisations with complex networks and infrastructure. Our applications provide a unified and reliable source of information that enable users to make timely, well-informed decisions. We adapt our focus of delivering simple, intuitive tools with dependable data to the unique needs of each customer, and are able to do so at a compelling price.


Our flagship product

wiVolo is a suite of dynamic data management and visualisation applications. Our core tool wiVolo Map displays geospatial information by overlaying datasets on an easy to navigate map.

wiVolo enables users to instantly access and interpret data according to their individual requirements – increasing knowledge, decision making, collaboration and management throughout customer organisations.

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Why Wialus?

Wialus have been delivering high quality solutions to customers for over 20 years. We’re able to leverage our existing architecture and development experience to create a tailored suite of tools that meet the needs of your organisation at a cost-effective price.

Our Origins

Wialus began by offering OSS solutions to cellular and fixed network operators, and continue to work extensively in this area. We have a strong understanding of this space and are well positioned to provide domain specific support to our customers.

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Explore wiVolo

An integrated suite of data visualisation and management applications.

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Use Cases

wiVolo supports a range of business and operational requirements.

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A selection of our applications are available to registered users.

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